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  A Regina man is facing multiple charges after he stole and a truck and was involved in a hit and run.
  A family in Indiana had some holiday cheer taken from them Sunday when someone drove on their lawn to destroy a towering, inflatable snowman.
  “Since it takes about two weeks for the influenza vaccine to induce protection, now is the time for high-risk individuals and their close contacts to get...
  Here’s a look at how the Saskatchewan Huskies basketball programs have fared in the first half of the U Sports season.
  Part of Duncan Avenue West is blocked off by police following multiple bomb threats on Thursday.
  The dispute between Canada and China escalated after Bejing detained two Canadians and warned more 'retaliation' will be in store if...
  McMaster Innovation Park is unveiled plans for an outdoor beer garden in courtyard on Longwood Road South.
  Guelph police say two people held the suspect until officers arrived.
  Uber Canada is focusing its efforts on Regina and Saskatoon, though service could include cities like Warman and Martensville.
  A funeral will be held on Saturday for 17-year-old stabbing victim Joshua Leo.
  Shower activity starts to get spottier, with some sunny breaks possible to start the weekend, before clouds and rain return to the Okanagan weather forecast.
  Officials with the Salvation Army expect to serve about 5,200 families with their hamper program this year, and upwards of 6,000...
  Incident involved Sagmoen not warning female driver of spike belt that damaged the vehicle’s tires.
  Man facing several charges, including assaulting police and flight from police.
  NSLC spokeswoman Beverley Ware says the liquor corporation is being affected by shortages that have hit provinces across the country.
  On Thursday, the agency announced that the driver of the car that police were initially pursuing did not sustain serious injuries in the incident and so the...
  A Winnipeg agency supporting families living with mental health challenges has launched a new service that will bring help directly to those who need...
  Two otters were spotted enjoying the water, bobbing and floating along Still Creek Drive.
  Rebecca Thomas said the deluge of comments speaks to the knee-jerk reaction often seen when the country's history of colonialism is pointed out.
  Shirley McAlary says she was speaking somewhat in jest when she suggested, during a growth committee meeting this week, that there be a four-month ban ...
  RCMP close Highway 5 east of Saskatoon after a collision between a semi and a vehicle.
  The pilot project area, which runs along King Street between Bathurst and Jarvis streets, launched in November 2017 and was supposed to end by Dec. 31.
  A Kingston man allegedly crashed his van into two homes and was charged with careless driving.
  The University of Alberta says it has solved a mystery nearly a year in the making: seismic activity that led to the ground shifting in Alberta Beach last...
  Nova Scotia RCMP say the alleged infraction happened just before 10 p.m. along Highway 7.
  Officers seized three kilograms of dried cannabis and edible products including cookies, gummies and lollipops from a dispensary on Lawson Road.
  The study shows there is interest from local fans and businesses in bringing back a professional baseball team to Montreal.
  Most teenagers like to stay up late and sleep in late, a habit that tends to leave them chronically underslept and their brains less than fully...
  The youth tech forum where the robot was showcased said it never claimed the robot was real.
  When the ServiCom call centre in Sydney was closed a week ago, almost 700 workers lost their jobs.
  The Canadian bargain store chain has gone digital with the launch of its online store pilot project.
  Organizers expect the number of visitors to be down significantly for the 6th annual Candy Cane Lane.  This is because the City of Regina has put up no parking signs on ...
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