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  Jasmine Adams said school officials did little to protect her daughter from racial taunts and bullying. View...
  Charif Chekatt, who French officials say shot 15 people in Strasbourg, France, Tuesday, was still at large Wednesday as...
  The Modern Family actor has always been open about her health issues, but fans applauded her bravery when she revealed her ...
  This year was bad, but at least the movies were good. Here are my favorites. View Entire Post ›
  'Cause we're all just material '80s kids living in a material world! View Entire Post ›
  Let's see if you know who made the list! View Entire Post ›
  ?? "Fa la la la la..." ?? View Entire Post ›
  "I've been looking for something to make my kids play louder!" View Entire Post ›
  “Instead of splitting it best actor/best actress, just [say] best actor.” View Entire Post ›
  Oberyn from Game of Thrones IS the Mandalorian!!! View Entire Post ›
  Be prepared to squint hard at these photos. View Entire Post ›
  Cake made in a slow cooker > cake in the oven. View Entire Post ›
  Everyone should be 80 years old on the internet. old people ruled the internet in 2018 View Entire Post ›
  These will go down well. View Entire Post ›
  There's a lot to be mad and happy about. View Entire Post ›
  IDK, no Candy Crush for a year sounds kinda tough. View Entire Post ›
  Great last-minute gift ideas (plus books to treat *yourself* to). View Entire Post ›
  Better start binge-watching! View Entire Post ›
  "I KNOW THAT MY LOVE IS ENOUGH AND THAT I COMPLETE YOU, but please look at this adorable three-year journal I bought for us." View Entire Post ›
  This is gonna get weird, folks. View Entire Post ›
  Including a mini pizza box filled with socks, ~message in a bottle~ birthstone necklaces, iridescent fidget cubes, a pig-shaped (super) mini vacuum, AND MORE. View...
  BITCH PLEASE!!! View Entire Post ›
  There's nothing fine about finals. View Entire Post ›
  A spokeswoman for the California billionaire confirmed the anonymous postings came from Steyer, whom she said is still considering joining the 2020...
  Including an air fryer, a Roomba robot vacuum, a French press coffee maker, and more amazing products for their home that they'll absolutely love!...
  Treat everyday like Christmas. View Entire Post ›
  You think the car is clean...until you move the car seat. View Entire Post ›
  No. View Entire Post ›
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