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  Salty and sweet, like me. View Entire Post ›
  "At this time, it appears that these threats are meant to cause disruption and/or obtain money," the New York Police...
  Deals on home decor, electric blankets, glassware, video games, and more! View Entire Post ›
  Don't forget about your furry friend or puppy-parent this holiday season. View Entire Post ›
  2019 will be a big year for you! View Entire Post ›
  Video shows the woman hitting passengers with an umbrella and keys during Tuesday morning's commute into Manhattan. ...
  Dogs make everything better. View Entire Post ›
  Line this whole house with fuzzy blankets and string lights. View Entire Post ›
  Only a true Midwester dips fries in ranch, am I right? View Entire Post ›
  It was the year of good songs. View Entire Post ›
  If babies could talk, they would tell you these gifts are totally awesome. View Entire Post ›
  The gift guide for anyone who has more people on their holiday list then they have dollars in their bank account. View Entire Post ›
  Scrooge had a lot of good points, to be honest. View Entire Post ›
  The quest for a Wolverine and Deadpool (and Captain America) film continues. View Entire Post ›
  Because one can never own too many magical skin care products. It's just a fact. View Entire Post ›
  A set containing nine enamel succulent pins? BOOM! You can now cross nine acquaintances off of your "still need to shop for" list. View Entire Post ›
  Can't believe that Twitter is free. View Entire Post ›
  How many aquatic mammals have you made friends with this year? View Entire Post ›
  Who needs a real baby when you've got your phone??? View Entire Post ›
  Stockings are the best part, IMHO. View Entire Post ›
  Log on to Netflix today, and you’ll see a lot of stuff you’ve never heard of. Here's how the streaming service is convincing you to click on it anyway. View Entire Post ›
  So fresh and so clean, clean. View Entire Post ›
  For when you want to keep giving. And giving. And giving.... View Entire Post ›
  Proud member of the naughty list, reporting for duty! View Entire Post ›
  Jacob Anderson avoided jail time and having to register as a sex offender by pleading no contest to a lesser charge...
  All I want for Christmas is you... to get these gifts for me (please). View Entire Post ›
  The United States is a land of plenty, not scarcity — and undocumented immigrants are not the reason our hospitals and social services are...
  Read on for easy cookie baking tricks that will last you a lifetime. View Entire Post ›
  *eats messy appetizer sexily* View Entire Post ›
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