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  Snacks, snacks, and more snacks! View Entire Post ›
  Amazon has filed a patent application for tech that could one day scan your face and identify who you are, use visual cues...
  "Thank you for always bending down to hug me..." View Entire Post ›
  I can only be pushed so far. View Entire Post ›
  It happened in a Home Depot restroom in Kansas. View Entire Post ›
  "I couldn’t ask for a better partner in life." View Entire Post ›
  There are a whole lot of "HELL IS REAL" billboards apparently. View Entire Post ›
  Travis Kauffman said he used knowledge he gleaned from having a pet cat to take down the predator. View Entire Post ›
  "If it is good for your heart it should be good for the car." View Entire Post ›
  The tape was sent to Chicago prosecutors by lawyer Michael Avenatti. View Entire Post ›
  You need to know! View Entire Post ›
  These queens are true family View Entire Post ›
  Goodbyeeeee acne, you will be missed! NOT. View Entire Post ›
  Will you live happily ever after or nah? View Entire Post ›
  Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday the president will make the emergency declaration when he signs a bill...
  I'm talking up to 35% off tons of categories, and up to 70% off select end-of-season furniture! View Entire Post ›
  The first asylum-seeking Central American families — five families made up of four women, one couple, and 10 children — were sent back to ...
  This is the most "celebrities they're just like us" thing I've ever seen because same. View Entire Post ›
  Doppelgänger imagery sometimes reduces queerness to a symbol or fetish — but subverting that trope can be a way to consider the link...
  The YouTuber has been unapologetic about holding the makeup industry accountable to the black women who buy its products. View Entire Post ›
  Everything should serve a purpose and look good doing it. View Entire Post ›
  I wouldn't know who "DJ" is either! View Entire Post ›
  Warning: This cuteness may induce unexpected vomiting. View Entire Post ›
  “It’s hard to tell if they’re actually committing to taking certain actions,” said one expert. View Entire Post ›
  Someone picked the blue pill, apparently. View Entire Post ›
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