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  "CF is also disease I’ve fought bitterly for 32 years since being diagnosed at six months old...'Five Feet Apart' acknowledges the hard truths...
  Students say a new mental health initiative has led to a “toxic campus environment.”
  Facebook messages obtained by Press Progress show Alberta UCP candidate Caylan Ford bemoaned the “demographic replacement of...
  When patients are desperate for cannabis, they turn to a married couple who have quietly built an illegal business.
  Why campaigners want to repeal the "Vagrancy Act".
  The tragic 1947 event speaks to America's enduring history of racism and systemic corruption.
  Deep in the heart of YouTube exists a wholesome little oasis of highly hydrated young people.
  VICE reporter Manisha Krishnan's go-to hangover cures have stopped working as she has gotten older.
  Labelled “a demon in every house”, PUBG is facing a crackdown in Gujarat.
  Bisexual men have to face homophobia and toxic masculinity when they come out.
  The new king of suspense is also making a play for best music curator.
  The longtime 'Thrasher' editor dedicated his life to skateboarding, and it won't be the same without him.
  The director, writer, and artist says he finds a freedom in painting that's hard to come by in film. His latest show, 'Young Twitchy,' is currently on view at Gagosian...
  On Saturday, police in New Jersey arrested Anthony Comello, a 24-year-old who lives with his parents and might have had a thing for Frank Cali's niece.
  As opioids have been under the spotlight for years, new programs dedicated to the drug are popping up in Toronto in response to rising rates of meth use.
  Research shows the lives of white working-class folks have gotten harder, sicker, and shorter since he took office.
  We spoke to female fans about their passion for the game, and whether its male-dominated landscape is changing.
  Beto O'Rourke's campaign promises to be driven more by personality than ideology. Will Democrats go for it?
  When I imagined finishing therapy it was always with a sense of capability and optimism, but what I got instead was the overwhelming feeling that I was giving up.
  “For so long we have been told to be quiet, to be invisible, to know our place and apologise for our very existence.”
  Jeffrey Lendrum has spent almost four decades stealing and smuggling the eggs of rare birds, some of which can sell for up to £300,000.
  The mayor of South Bend, Indiana, is in his 30s (!) and personally familiar with the specter haunting young people.
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