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  A judge reversed Gregory Fields' six-month sentence on Monday, but his lawyer says similarly disproportionate sentences are nothing unusual.
  Healthcare startups hope that blunting the hallucinatory effects of psychedelics could open up the public to their medical potential.
  Physical activity might help drown out some of the background noise in your brain.
  Scientists were investigating the cause of "pockmarks" on the seafloor when they made an unsettling discovery: thousands of...
  She parked it just a few blocks from her school in Silver Spring, Maryland.
  Don't call yourself an ally unless you're willing to embrace the kinda bad show we will absolutely not stop watching.
  I can only imagine the film's nuances are simply lost on people whose parents are still, somehow, together.
  What's lost when the Bungie classic gets improved visuals in the recent addition to the Halo: Master Chief Collection.
  ClearSpace-1 will use a "Pac-Man system" to capture an abandoned rocket part, which may lead to a new market for commercial services in orbit.
  “President Trump's persistent and continuing effort to coerce a foreign country to help him cheat to win an election is a clear and present danger to...
  Lulu Wang's film is nominated in the Foreign Language category at this year's Golden Globes. That choice undermines the diversity of the American audience.
  Activists are scrambling to catalog internet history ahead of a looming shutdown of Yahoo Groups. Verizon’s actively undermining their efforts.
  "If any of these movies failed, 'Gems' would've never happened."
  The Eagles? Beyoncé nooooooo!
  They only threatened to pull out "dotard" again, but they might as well have said it.
  The decade that began with the defeat of a relatively moderate climate bill is ending amid calls for capitalism to be dismantled.
  The sweater, which has since been pulled by the store, featured Santa in front of three lines of, er, ‘snow.’
  Newly founded developer Cloud Chamber will create take over the iconic and controversial franchise.
  “What is driving Mr. Miller is not national security, it’s white supremacy," says a letter signed by 26 senators.
  "The physician has to keep talking to her, showing her images and describing them, even as she tries to close her...
  The company, STCS, uploaded a constantly updating list of GPS coordinates in Saudi Arabia, China, and west Africa.
  How the raunchy 1996 duet from neighborhood friends Kia Jeffries and Akinyele Adams came to be.
  A man pulled Maurizio Cattelan's work off a gallery wall at Art Basel, chomped into it, and called the move performance art.
  Athletes and anti-doping agency administrators say they're frustrated that the World Anti-Doping Agency can't punish Russia more.
  He hosted a dinner party where he showed mass shooting videos and has been infuriated when an instructor called him "Porn...
  An inside look at the world of custom-made deepfake forums, and the motivation of people who make them.
  If you don’t have this stuff locked down then you’re not ready to co-parent a dog or a cat.
  A recent New York Times report highlights "cycle-syncing," which isn't backed by science, and will certainly upend your life.
  Who DOESN'T want their new cashmere sweaters and Bluetooth speakers to reek of ground beef and sour cream?
  The sheriff’s office is set to evict the four women and their children on Dec. 17.
  Starring James Cordon, Jimmy Fallon, and Paul Rudd.
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