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  Agency's figures show fuel savings of about half what was suggested in a 2009 study the city used to justify buying hybrids in the first place.
  Quebec Premier Francois Legault announced Friday that 113 tourists trapped at a Haitian resort are expected to be flown to safety Saturday.
  The October 2018 election was considered historic because it put a new party, the Coaltion Avenir Québec in office for the first time...
  Goaltender is 15-8-1 with a 2.37 goals-against average and a .923 save percentage for Boston’s Northeastern University this season.
  'There have been a number of (CAQ government) positions and statements that have kind of shocked our community and worried people, but meetings like this are...
  Maybe Legault wants to make sure that his base sees him being tough against outsiders they see as threats to their culture and values.
  Police confined 1,800 staff and students until a suspect was arrested after a threat posted to a 2011 alumni Facebook page for Heritage Regional High School.
  Superior Court Justice Guy Cournoyer ruled that Sami Abdellah Bebawi and tax lawyer Constantine Kyres have waited too long for their trial.
  A CBSA spokesperson was unable to say how long the suspension would last or how many people had been deported to Haiti since the beginning of the crisis.
  'The future development must give priority to pedestrians, however not so much as to completely pedestrianize its thoroughfares,' says recommendation...
  Aerating will release more volatile aromatic compounds, making your wine more aromatic.
  Several Montrealers were involved in the project, including composer Judith Gruber-Stitzer and musician brothers David and Thom Gossage.
  "It's too early to say if they'll be the difference makers in winning a series."
  Brosseau said that talks with the Liberals never reached a serious level and that her loyalty lies with the NDP.
  The motorist involved in the crash was slightly injured and was also treated in hospital.
  A 911 call reported that a blood-stained man in his 50s was lying on the ground in the city's Lauzon district. He was taken to a hospital, where he...
  He faces charges of sexual assault, criminal harassment and forcible confinement in connection with events that allegedly occurred in 1993.
  The driver didn't know he had a very happy stowaway.
  Demonstrations in support of Soviet Jews became a common sight in Montreal during the 1970s and into the 1980s.
  A quick look at the day's weather, along with a traffic update, a #ThisMtl photo and a quote of the day.
  The powdered shakes come in five varieties: Beauté, Brainiac, Cocoa Motion, Empowdered and Invincible.
  Montreal is more affordable than Vancouver and Toronto, but young adults here say it's hard to save enough for a down payment.
  Sure, you can change a tire in under 10 minutes, but if it takes half that to change a diaper, you're going to get some unsolicited advice.
  "Our first period made it look like we were a team that hadn’t played in four or five days," coach Claude Julien says.
  Montreal went 0-for-3 on the power play Thursday night and lost 3-1 to Nashville.
  Here are 15 small changes to make to save hundreds in electricity bills.
  Relatives of 16-year-old Wylliam Lasalle "fear for his health and his safety." Lasalle was last seen on Feb. 7.
  In Case You Missed It (#ICYMI) is a daily feature highlighting news in and around Montreal.
  Mobilité Montréal is advising motorists that there will be major closures this weekend in the city, notably Highway 15.
  A Quebec team has found what appears to be the cause of poor-quality embryos in mice. They cautioned that the human applications for the research are a long way off.
  Sting performs and addresses the media at the Tribute Communities Centre in Oshawa, Ont. in support of GM workers.
  The immigration ministry again invited candidates to take advantage of the system, which it says has drawn 91,000 users in six months.
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