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  In the blink of an eye, life changed for Phil Gordon as doctor became patient. This is his poignant clarion call to colleagues.
  Do you think Marc Bergevin will remain GM of the Canadiens next season? Missed this week’s full episode? Watch it here.  Check us out: Facebook: facebook.com/hockeyinsideout..
  The Association des véhicules électriques du Québec said the scarcity of charging stations is discouraging Quebeckers from buying electric vehicles.
  Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin and Maple Leafs GM Lou Lamoriello are on very different paths.
  Having fun and working up a sweat with friends is good for mind, body and soul
  This is what happens when you let someone other than Ms. Frizzle drive
  They were ejected from their car after it rolled multiple times. The mother's life is believed to be in danger.
  There is something abuzz in the West Island breezes. Spring is tolerably a few weeks away, but even more heartening is the “spring” in many headlines pointing to...
  Near Rivière des Prairies, La Maison Toussaint-Legault dit Deslauriers is named for the man who had it built
  There were some bright spots for those looking to the future. Nikita Scherbak scored his first goal of the season.
  It was the fifth consecutive loss for the Canadiens and the third in their four-game road trip.
  A man in his 50s is in critical condition in a hospital after he was stabbed in an apartment in the Gay Village Saturday.
  Longueuil's police service is warning residents not to leave snowblowers in temporary car shelters, as 16 have been stolen recently.
  “What happens in Las Vegas stays in Las Vegas.” Mandatory discretion may have been the policy back when it was Sin City. But the evolution of Las Vegas – from latter-day Sodom to...
  The regulations are expected to be announced on Monday
  The city official declared the ice structure's roof unsafe without without having visited to inspect it
  Martine Ouellet will leave the National Assembly in October. It appears she's asking for a $96,000 salary in 2019. 
  The Blade Runner 2049 director won't be taking home an Oscar this year, but he's in the running for a variety of other prizes
  The victim, a man in his fifties, was in the company of three other snowmobilers.
  Mirrors, glossy paint and rich, textured fabrics can all help brighten your dull decorating mood.
  Also: A new way to contest parking tickets
  It's 'sad,' says Project Montréal's Marie Plourde, when new property owners 'don’t have any sense of the neighbourhood'
  Everything has been built from the ground up in building that probably dates back to late 19th century
  Catch up on all the big stories that happened this week in Montreal.
  Terry Weaymouth is desperate to make the transition to a stabler existence. Securing an apartment was the first step, but obstacles remain.
  People with visual impairments say organizations often overlook their needs when adopting new services.
  While the Canadiens have to rate as one of the biggest disappointments this season, the expansion Golden Knights are the biggest surprise.
  Have you ever accidentally put money in the wrong parking meter and found a ticket on your windshield? You can breath a little more easily, a Court ...
  In an open letter published on Friday, the president of of the Québec Medical Association said he's now embarrassed to tell people he's a...
  Hydro-Québec will have an opportunity to save its $10-billion export contract with Massachusetts, even if the state decides not...
  Vegas has the best record in the Western Conference.
  Busy day? Here’s what you might have overlooked.
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