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  "The abuse scarred every diocese. The cover up was sophisticated," the state...
  Because in The Happytime Murders, it's not all fuzz and games. View Entire Post ›
  The cast says they've tried to keep it vague, but Dan Levy (David) revealed all to BuzzFeed News. View Entire Post ›
  Is there a difference?! View Entire Post ›
  "This is truly one of the most wonderful Hermiones I've ever seen or imagined." View Entire Post ›
  "It's all on one bill." *goosebumps* View Entire Post ›
  No one is gonna recognize the new, not-hot-mess, you! View Entire Post ›
  "I can't guarantee anything, but I can tell you that the president addressed this question directly," the White House press...
  And you think your commute is tough now... View Entire Post ›
  The comedian, who is currently awaiting sentencing for rape, also argued in court documents that it would interfere with his relationship...
  One of the officers "immediately began to laugh" until he realized they might be actually be stuck out in the lake,...
  “You’ve heard Trump ramble when he thinks he’s being careful. Imagine when he feels he can...
  Tinder Founders Are Suing Parent Company For Billions View Entire Post ›
  There's nothing more satisfying than pulling out that lonesome nipple hair. View Entire Post ›
  Paul Manafort's Lawyers Rest Their Case Without Putting On Any Witnesses Of Their Own View Entire Post ›
  Practically every actor in Hollywood is in this. View Entire Post ›
  "Let me tell you the story about perhaps the most embarrassing moment of my life." View Entire Post ›
  A Texas school board initially suspended art teacher Stacy Bailey after she showed her students a photo of her future wife...
  Queen of promoting healthy nail care. View Entire Post ›
  From drastic changes to the characters' personalities to deleted scenes and rejected storylines, things really could have been very different. View ...
  "Honey, you make cupcakes. I worked in the White House." — Omarosa to Bethenny Frankel View Entire Post ›
  You know, the doo-hickey with the buttons? View Entire Post ›
  Tell us the nitty gritty details of everything you learned while planning your wedding! View Entire Post ›
  Say bye to acne, dullness, dryness, excess oil, and more — without saying bye to your paycheck. View Entire Post ›
  Because everyone loves a good musical. View Entire Post ›
  "Sorry Alan, it’s all about Dr. Malcolm (Jeff Goldbae) now." View Entire Post ›
  Are you more of a Ra or an Osiris? View Entire Post ›
  Excerpts from Dami Lee's new book, Be Everything At Once. View Entire Post ›
  Masculinity, I’ve always thought, is a trap. But I pursued it anyway. I still do. View Entire Post ›
  All women's jeans are 40% off!!!! Plus: men's jeans and chinos are BOGO $19.9O!!! View Entire Post ›
  The judge asked Manafort if he wanted to testify. "No sir," Manafort replied. View Entire Post ›
  In contrast, some current students are saying their teachers are turned off by memes and millennial trends...
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