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  It's called 'Tuca and Bertie.' Tuca is the toucan, obviously.
  Los Angeles-based photographer Clara Mokri explores the surprisingly generic reality of the Tinseltown.
  'The Glassworker,' the debut film from Mano Animation Studios, looks incredible.
  With affordable housing facing a crunch under Trump, it's harder than ever for young families to cope. Still, some find the support they need.
  A day with the magnificent cosplaying nerds of Comic Con Lahore.
  One lesson we learned: Your own expectation of what drink or drugs will do to you plays a big role in their actual effect.
  The strange partnership marks an evolution within Canada’s far-right.
  The fast-food chain seems to be taking the joke very seriously.
  Jorge Ramos revisits the time he was told to "get out of my country" at a Trump rally after an argument with the future president.
  The teen screamed “you’re hurting me” as three cops and two transit inspectors pinned him to the ground.
  The Suffers' lead singer has been given some terrible advice while navigating a career dominated by white men.
  Trump orders ban on bump stocks, Oxfam loses thousands of donors over Haiti scandal, North Korea said to have bailed on meeting Mike Pence, and more.
  It looks like the "Oprah 2020" chants have officially gotten under his skin.
  Do relationships that bleed together stay together?
  "I've seen colleagues at tastings down litres of wine and get so drunk they can barely remember their names."
  The story of the four British men infamous for torturing and beheading prisoners in Syria.
  The whale was marooned on a beach in Chile when tourists started arriving for photos.
  We asked overdose survivors about the dangerous trend of mixing opioids with depressants or stimulants, a key part of America's larger crisis.
  The country wants the US to "severely punish" the perpetrator. A thumb for a thumb, perhaps?
  Since this is where we're at with entertainment, apparently.
  Today, Matthew Falder – Cambridge academic and producer of "hurtcore" materials – was jailed for 32 years.
  Diving deep into the "radical center."
  Activists paraded the billboards around Miami following the Parkland high school shooting that killed 17.
  We asked exhibitors at the inaugural BAM Black Comix Expo what it means to show their work at a black comics convention.
  Jesus H Christ, please stop making us say this!!!
  This is like an anti-mafia RICO case—except applied to a whole country.
  The show is a Broadway spectacular for people who prefer cartoons.
  Dozens killed in latest assault on Syrian rebels, Trump and Mitt Romney play nice, Bieber backs teens on gun control, and more.
  If you didn't know about Jessica Jones, now you know.
  Trump.Dating is the far-right OKCupid trying to "Make America Date Again."
  After first being forced to marry ISIS fighters, many women in Mosul now aren't allowed to send their children to school.
  We spoke to Melissa Ede, who won £4 million on New Year's Eve.
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