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  Kris Jenner is giving everyone facial injections this year, from her 22-year-old daughter to her 85-year-old mom.
  If humans want to not die on Mars, they’ll need a reliable source of water. NASA scientists think they’ve found it in a place where ice is so close to the surface ...
  College conservatives support a carbon dividend, but what they really need is a time machine.
  Don’t get too excited though, there’s a giant loophole that could keep you from ever seeing any money.
  Employees at the the e-scooter company Spin are paving the way for a transformation of app-based work.
  Guinea-Bissau is more reminiscent of holiday destinations than some kind of drug war zone.
  Members of the Reimann family supported Hitler and used forced labor under the Nazis to bolster their chemicals company.
  Nuclear War Simulator, launching in 2020, lets the user design a plausible doomsday scenario and study the humanitarian impact. Just don't call it a...
  It was a great year for throwback hip hop, sex-positive R&B, ice-cold dance music, ambitious metal, and downright weird pop.
  The embattled leader used party funds to pay for his children's private school education, according to media reports.
  In the NulledCast hackers livestream the harassment of Ring camera owners after accessing their devices. Hundreds of people can listen.
  As dousing right-wing figures in milkshake became A Thing, Danyaal Mahmud didn't quite know how to respond to the attention...
  The beef industry is destroying the rainforest. The sustainable rubber industry might be part of saving it.
  Sgt. Jason Reid is accused of punching the man in the face while he was sitting in the back of a police car.
  Wallace broke ranks with his pro-Trump network to call the president a historic threat to the press.
  'The Matrix 4' and 'John Wick: Chapter 4' are both set to be released on May 21, 2021.
  Fifteen students were treated for "mild respiratory irritation," but all of them declined transport to a nearby hospital.
  A half-peeled orange with a candle on top. Cocoa mixed with sugar water. It's grim out there, friends.
  The Hindu nationalist government is helping immigrants become citizens, as long as they're not Muslims.
  Photographer Jess T. Dugan portrays queer and trans people with striking intimacy.
  The tear-jerking, spine-cracking videos are racking up millions of views, and sending more people to one of alternative medicine’s most controversial...
  Don't even bother typing "best holiday presents" into Google. This is all you need.
  Experts are warning there's a significant chance the volcano could erupt again, but victims' families have been outraged by the...
  Don't have rehab sex, but do indulge your sweet tooth.
  The Canadian indie band is calling it quits after a decade-plus of DIY stunts and lots and lots of confetti.
  Doctors are prescribing antiobiotics in situations where they aren’t needed or for unclear reasons, when there is a very clear downside to doing so.
  A study showed this tactic led to people consuming less, but that’s because this framing encourages disordered eating and an unhealthy relationship with...
  Apple asked Twitter to take down a viral tweet posted by an independent iPhone security researcher. Then, the company backtracked and asked for the...
  Where to start and how to best go about building a jacked and tan upper body.
  After a hacker broke into a Ring camera in Tennessee and spoke to a child, Motherboard found hackers have made dedicated software for gaining access.
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