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  This week's essential listening also includes a grand Gucci Mane record and a couple of scrappy punk LPs.
  Following recent incidents in Detroit and Hamilton, organizers and police are stepping up security.
  Robots may be coming your job, but a new study finds we don’t need to work that much anyway.
  Oregon prisons have banned dozens of books about technology and programming, like 'Microsoft Excel 2016 for Dummies,' citing security reasons. The state...
  Seven trans and non-binary people share what it's like to be misgendered at work, and what to do about it.
  As 'The Hills' returns, the woman who penned its theme song reflects on the seminal hit that is "Unwritten."
  Jaimie Warren has mastered the art of taking ridiculous self-portraits with costumes she makes herself. For this year’s photo issue she shares a new...
  We answer your E3 questions, like "how was the vibe on the floor?" and "did the gamers win?"
  Ivar Muñoz-Rojas's new book features photos from the personal archive of 'Slash' magazine founder Philomena Winstanley.
  'The United States has always sought to use its nuclear weapons for more than deterrence despite protestations to the contrary.'
  The Houston rapper behind 'Fever' has developed a reputation for absolutely obliterating beats.
  "The book is for all of the everyday Black girls who made magic out of a dollar store T-shirt."
  People can go into such extreme debt over unpaid water bills—even incorrect ones—that they lose their homes.
  The deepfake of Mark Zuckerberg was perhaps the biggest troll of Facebook in recent memory, but will it change anything?
  "I'm not sure how to describe the smell they had."
  Ampharete oculicirrata has a set of peepers for each side of its half-centimeter body.
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