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  An official autopsy shows Epstein died of suicide by hanging in his Manhattan Correctional Center cell.
  The 2000's-inspired "Motivation" video is proof that the singer is ready to become a full-on pop sensation.
  The app called Kurbo is referred to as "rewarding and inspirational," but experts believe that it's irresponsible, if not flat-out dangerous.
  A deep analysis of this weird public art by a guy who doesn’t understand art.
  Trumps's new "public charge" rule would deny a visa or green card to immigrants who rely on government assistance.
  Astrology and tarot share deep cosmic roots, so we asked our favorite astrologers to recommend tarot decks that enrich their practice.
  In the 40 years since Francis Ford Coppola's groundbreaking film came out, Hollywood has given up on capturing the depravity of war.
  State lawmakers are taking a cue from Alabama's heavily restrictive abortion ban with legislation that would define life at conception.
  The jury's out on whether it actually prevented mass shootings — but data suggests we need more data.
  A dynamic story leads to a frustratingly vague and meaningless game.
  Sad Netflix canceled 'The OA'? Here’s another pseudo-scientific, body-swapping series that was taken too soon.
  A "concerned citizen" spotted 43 plastic bales floating off the coast of Catalina Island.
  Employers with federal contracts may be allowed to effectively discriminate against workers based on the employer’s religious beliefs.
  The upcoming album is tainted because of it.
  Colorado brewery Oskar Blues tried to make a case for the name of their prickly pear and hibiscus beer, but Axl and co. weren't having it.
  The FCC fined ABC $395,000 after a "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" sketch used emergency alert system sounds three times.
  The cybersecurity industry is worth billions of dollars, and tens of thousands of people attend Black Hat and Def Con every year. So, are we getting any safer?
  Judging from "Slide Away," she's handling her split with Liam Hemsworth pretty well.
  Feuerkrieg Division claims it offered help to the Las Vegas neo-Nazi who stockpiled bomb making materials to attack the LGBTQ and Jewish...
  The new public charge rule was created to isolate working class people from the healthcare benefits they need to survive.
  The City of Hamilton and Marc Lemire have "mutually agreed" to part ways following a VICE investigation.
  Author Abigail Pesta uncovers grooming and enabling that allowed the former Olympic doctor to abuse hundreds of young girls over decades.
  Scientists conducted the most detailed reconnaissance of one of Earth's rarest atmospheric phenomena in a spectacular flight.
  Whatever this massive hacker-party-turned-industry-extravaganza has become, this week host Ben Makuch descended on Las Vegas to see what Def Con is all about in 2019.
  It's not clear if Trump was even insulting the right person.
  With the release of his new EP 'Black Moses,' the Compton-bred artist challenges the way Black men are perceived in society.
  One man's quest to bring joy to his son's birthday reveals how thoroughly Konami has buried Hideo Kojima's experiment.
  The British socialite, alleged to be Jeffrey Epstein's fixer, was spotted eating... but what was she eating?
  The Base, a neo-Nazi group aiming to provide military and survivalist training to fellow white supremacists, has been ramping up its activities...
  The moon is in Pisces today.
  The FBI arrested Conor Climo late last week, but he'd been on law enforcement radar since April.
  If you want to boycott Equinox for its ties to Donald Trump, here's how.
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