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: If the AHCA becomes law, more uninsured people could crowd the country's ERs and rack up impossible-to-pay medical bills—which would be bad for patients,...

: Cowboy poetry gatherings have been drawing thousands for decades, bringing together Americans from the left and right and all pastures in between.

: Olive, a human woman, and Henry, her magically transformed cat-person, spend a night in the great outdoors.

: The feds are known to arrest parents dropping their kids off and even kids en route to school. Here's how some cities are fighting back.

: Former Nevada lieutenant governor and neurosurgeon Lonnie Hammargren has spent decades and millions collecting everything from roller coasters to movie props to spacecraft.

: James Harris Jackson was apparently about to attack an interracial couple before turning himself in early Wednesday morning.

: The Party King has covered a lot of ground in his VICE column.

: The spokesperson for the group announced Wednesday that more than 25 members are ready to vote against the American Health Care Act.

: Buried in the New York state budget is a proposal to cut weekday visits for over 20,000 inmates. For families of incarcerated people, this could mean barely having any real contact ...

: He was as much of an American icon as he was a black one, but his legacy has always been complicated.

: Keith Frederick pleaded guilty to arson this week for attempting to burn down the Ibrahim Jam-E Mosque.

: The company has been taking heat lately over complaints from former employees.

: A Pentagon staffer expressed reservations about the administration "seriously considering" sending 100,000-pound killing machines through ...

: VICE will seek to fight the ruling ordering a journalist to hand over source material at the Supreme Court of Canada.

: The Founding Fathers probably didn't conceive of branding deals when they wrote the Constitution, but here we are.

: Harrison Browne is the first openly trans athlete in pro hockey. Rachel Browne is a VICE News reporter. We were with the siblings for an intimate reunion.

: To test his defence, the doctor got into his underwear, got shot up with boner drugs, and rubbed himself on other doctors.

: "My wife told me I'm supposed to do this."

: There are reports on social media of shots being fired outside the Houses of Parliament.

: The failed explosion undermines comments made by a North Korean government official on Tuesday who said the country was ready to counter...

: A dive into the thriving black market of John Deere tractor hacking.

: The 'VICE World of Sports' host also talked about his experience working as an NBA sideline reporter.

: The REDress Project is an art installation by Métis artist Jaime Black. She's displaying donated red dresses to remind people of missing and murdered...

: Pizza-lover Amil Niazi learns how to make a fancy 'pocket pizza' at Toronto restaurant, Pray Tell.

: Voguing became popular in the '80s and '90s. The dance style, which originated in New York's LGBT community, has been making a comeback and we met some of the...

: Meeting the residents of the Notting Hill estate earmarked for destruction.

: After a night out with friends, a young woman disappeared. When police apprehended the suspect, he led them to another body.

: Puff, Paint, and Pass aims to destigmatize cannabis while offering novice artists a chance to explore their untapped creative sides.

: On a new episode of 'NEEDLES & PINS,' VICELAND host Grace Neutral heads to the UK for a look at tribal tattoos and extreme body modification.

: Authorities at Beijing's Temple of Heaven recently installed new TP dispensers that record visitors' faces so that no one can hog the Charmin.

: No one in their right mind wants the US and China to go to war, but let's face it: They could. Here's what the first day would look like.

: And one of them caught the whole thing on camera.
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