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  Pawel Kuczynski's drawing has resonated with millions who are starting to feel Poké-fatigue.
  Highlights from the early years of the Tribeca Film Festival include Frances McDormand in a bucket hat and Tom Cruise climbing an SUV.
  The company argues that the award-winning "Breaking Bud" IPA ripped the show's branding and logo.
  The results of the sweet 16 are in. Here are the eight that remain.
  Do these dead robot eyes get you excited for the premiere of season two?
  McArthur, a heavy user of gay hookup apps, is accused of killing at least eight men.
  The set was headed by "Pistol Pete" Rollock, who remains a sort of twisted deity in American crime lore.
  Apparently, the guards didn’t even realize he was gone until his flight had taken off.
  With just a few household items, some sage, and a handful of flower petals, your home can smell like "a leather jacket shop" in no time.
  Mélina Roberge received eight years for her part in a scheme to smuggle coke into Australia via a cruise ship.
  The writer – who was forced to move around the world as a child because of her weed-smuggling father – speaks to others who have lived similar lives.
  Desus and Mero talk about the ongoing response to the viral incident.
  Two women with poor mental health take you through some common relationship scenarios, and how people on the sliding scale of anxiety might react.
  The $15 million facility will have 25,000 plants producing 10,000 pounds of marijuana a year.
  Much of the left's response to the war in Syria has been stupid, racist apologism for a tyrant.
  An ode to the coming of age experience you never grow out of.
  "I started shouting at my mum because of the sound she was making as she chewed on a sandwich."
  We spoke to a sex therapist, a doctor, a tailor, and a guy who has one.
  Despite losing two faces, it appears his sense of humour remains intact.
  "The future has cum," the world's largest porn site said.
  Fandom gets messy when DIY productions can look so much like the real thing.
  Catch the special 4/20 episode Tuesday on VICELAND.
  Josefin Jonsson, a.k.a. @pastelae, invites us into her girly-gritty cyberpunk world.
  This is the first death on a US airline in more than nine years.
  The results of round one are in. Here are the sweet sixteen.
  He continued playing 'Battle Royale' after watching his neighbour's roof fly off the house.
  Virgil Hawkins wanted to go to law school. His home state waged "an undeclared second civil war" to keep him from doing so.
  Looks like 4/20 came early for the little stoner.
  A condemned home in the San Jose area had buyers lining up, cash in hand.
  A young woman employee told a community group she’s “inspired to catch this piece of garbage and hold him accountable for what he has done.”
  Police are on a nationwide manhunt for the "armed and dangerous" 56-year-old.
  The film that traumatized Sundance and SXSW.
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