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  Flies disguise themselves as clowns in this creepy comic.
  You're experiencing the weird effect nicotine has on memory.
  From having a micropenis to living on different continents, non-monogamous couples answer the questions friends are too afraid to ask.
  This week NASA, with support from the Canadian Space Agency, is expected to launch the OSIRIS REx spacecraft on an intercept course with the asteroid, Bennu
  What we learned from 2016’s popular and ever-morphing meme.
  VICE.com's most memorable lines from the week of May 22, presented with zero context.
  She'd been offered $15,000 and a flight by a man posing as a photographer.
  A laptop ban on all international flights, Sri Lanka floods kill dozens, Texas moves towards restricting student voting, and more.
  The president is crazy enough. Alcohol would make it so much worse.
  I asked the author if elites could do anything about it.
  Here are some of the best novels and short stories about conflict by veterans and others who served.
  Read an excerpt from Catherine Lacey's wild new novel, 'The Answers,' about romance, big data, and a host of fake girlfriends.
  They install water stations and grave markers for the people who try to enter the US illegally via the treacherous Sonoran Desert.
  J. Todd Matthews helped pioneer dead body identification in America. And 30 years after learning about "Some Mother's Boy," he's nearly confirmed...
  In the third and fourth episode, 'Twin Peaks: The Return' finds its strange sense of humor.
  After her family relocated from Fukushima to Tokyo after the 2011 earthquake, Coco Haramatsu became a social media style star. We met the 6 year-old in trendy Harajuku where ...
  Jane Way is a gender fluid sex worker who uses "they" pronouns. They tell us why they love their job and what it was like coming out to their mom for the first time.
  In 1997, Doctors Without Borders' Christophe André was taken hostage in Chechnya. He escaped three months later. Graphic novelist Guy Delisle adapted André's...
  Assigning economic value to human life is nothing new in politics, but Iain Duncan Smith did it again recently in one of the worst interviews of the election cycle.
  Guy Ritchie's incoherent, possibly-about-Kabbalah gangster movie was panned by critics, but is it actually a misunderstood classic?
  But that hasn't stopped his critics from ignoring it entirely.
  If real events involving orbs and body-slams weren't enough for you, there was plenty going on in the world of BS.
  Froggy's high-spirited group of friends share everything, from magic coins to sporadic bike rides.
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