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  It's increasingly complicated to untangle the potential for public health advances from a moralistic marketing scheme.
  Once you open your mind to the possibilities that a life without autocorrect brings, I promise you won’t miss the safety net.
  From the Big Kahuna burger to the $5 milkshake, Tarantino's 25-year-old classic is a bona fide buffet of smart but accessible filmmaking.
  “I’d much rather have a resistant, alive youth than a dead one.”
  The 'Jojo Rabbit' director talked to VICE about the supreme shame and embarrassment of dressing up as Hitler.
  NASA astronaut Jessica Meir corrected the President, who seemed to think this was the first time women had ever performed a spacewalk, while making...
  Critics say it’s a capitulation to Ankara that renders the U.S.’ abandonment of the Kurds virtually complete.
  The Garlock fault could produce a magnitude 8 earthquake.
  "Well, my first shot was this ferocious masturbation scene," Robert Pattinson said in an interview with the New York Times.
  A Canadian restaurant has stuck it to one of the world’s biggest restaurant chains after a legal threat by trademarking “McEffing Fish Filet” sandwich.
  'Downtown 81' depicts a day in the young artist's life as he hustles in Manhattan's art scene.
  It’s safe to assume women of color don't need white feminists to explain which candidate best supports their principles.
  In a world swirling with distractions, obligations, and constant communication, watching anime by myself became my perfect, total break.
  Fans are flooding the Bronx to get the perfect photo denoting that they have seen a movie and liked it.
  Some powerful storms are so intense that they literally shake the ocean floor.
  At a black-tie dinner in New York, Trump's former defense secretary mocked his old boss with a string of brutal zingers.
  Unworthy candidates, uninspired ideas, disinformation, laughable debates. And those were the highlights from this campaign.
  The moon is in Gemini today.
  As the ringleaders of Girls Do Porn face the possibility of life in prison, one woman discusses a life-altering decision that led her to contemplate...
  "Restaurants and cafés are in many ways the lifeblood of espionage," a former spy told NPR's The Salt.
  “Things have gone from very, very bad to much, much worse,” House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff said Thursday.
  “The caravan opened the floodgates for migration from Central America, but it also generated the backlash that then closed those gates”
  A new safety and health report found that the injury rate at Amazon’s Staten Island 'fulfillment center' is three times the national average.
  “We don’t fact-check political ads... we think people should be able to say for themselves what politicians are saying.”
  “Every single person I know has side hustles. Millennials and Gen Z stay evolving.”
  With 720 genders and no brain, the blob is a queer icon for the bimbo-but-I'm-reclaiming-it generation.
  "Mulvaney apparently decided it was okay to admit to an impeachable offense," Rep. Debbie Wasserman-Schultz told VICE News.
  Political scions in both parties have long abused their power.
  Zuckerberg’s speech feels like empty words in the absence of any concrete changes to the company’s questionable policies on speech.
  Acting White House Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney says other venues were considered but won't say which ones.
  If everyone in Silicon Valley was taking a day-long vow of silence and forgoing fun, would you do it too?
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