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These Alien Fans Have the Most Hardcore Tattoos in Sci-Fi : The Xenomorph, sci fi’s most fucked up/perfect creation, has ended up a lot of people’s skin.
This $13,000 Bong Could Probably Survive Space Travel : Toronto architecture firm Partisans is responsible for some of the city's most innovative design. They recently partnered with cannabis lifestyle brand Tokyo Smoke to...
Toronto Songwriter Fiver Sings for the Forgotten Women Jailed at an Asylum for the Criminally Insane : Fiver's Simone Schmidt just released their album 'Audible Songs From Rockwood.' Schmidt gave us an intimate...
How to Spit Shine Your Shoes with Kevin G : Rajiv Surendra (better known as Kevin G from the movie Mean Girls) is an expert at all things adult. This week, he shows us the proper way to spit shine your boots.
Rare Photos of the 70s British Punk Scene : The new photo book 'Spirit of 76: London Punk Eyewitness' is a striking view from the front lines of when punk became punk.
Trump's Options for Dealing with North Korea Are All Terrible : Experts explain how we got here and run through the options for avoiding a devastating regional war.
Turns Out Poppers Are Good for Things Besides Butt Sex : Can my little amber bottles of "video head cleaner" actually clean my video heads?
We're Living in the Era of the Hypocritical 'Feminist' Boss : From Nasty Gal's "Girl Boss" to Thinx's "She-E. O.", female executives have taken to branding themselves as outspoken feminist role...
Former NYPD Cops Allegedly Traded Gun Licenses for Prostitutes : According to Tuesday's charges, officers accepted cash, prostitutes, and vacations in a massive corruption scandal.
A Federal Judge Just Blocked Trump's Order on Sanctuary Cities : A California judge said the order—which threatened to remove federal funds—infringed on the rights of local governments.
Trudeau On How His Brother's Pot Charge Disappeared : Malik Scott was charged with cannabis possession and fears it will result in a criminal record. He asked Trudeau what would he say to someone in his position, given that if...
When You Find Out the World Is Against You : In her new book, bestselling author Kelly Oxford recalls how Trump's infamous "Grab them by the pussy" tape inspired her viral hashtag.
'Henry Gets into Shape,' Today's Comic by Benji Nate : Henry, a human-sized cat person, tries to work out with his owner, Olive, after noticing he's put on a few extra pounds.
More Muslims Are Running for Office in a Vile Political Climate : Candidates like Abdul El-Sayed, who's running for governor of Michigan and has drawn comparisons to Barack Obama, are unafraid of any Trump effect.
Dude, Wes Anderson's New Movie Is Coming Out on 4/20 : A slick new poster for 'Isle of Dogs' reveals exactly what type of movie the auteur's second animated film will be.
Meet the Harm Reduction Worker Who Called Out Trudeau on the Opioid Crisis : “It’s a national disaster, you are not doing enough. The bodies keep mounting.”
Chaffetz Says Michael Flynn Probably Took Money from Russia and There Will Be 'Repercussions' : The conclusion comes after reviews of classified memos and Flynn’s financial disclosures.
Justin Trudeau Criticized for his Response to a Black Man Facing Pot Possession Charges : “It just makes me feel like the legal system is more corrupt,” Malik Scott says.
Obama's Getting $400K for His First Private Speaking Engagement : The former president is scheduled to speak at a healthcare conference for a Wall Street financial firm in September.
Will the Real Mac DeMarco Please Stand Up? : After years being pegged as music’s go-to funny guy, Mac shows his human side on new album ‘This Old Dog.'
'Dead Orbit' Reinvigorates the Alien Franchise in Comic Book Form : The acclaimed cartoonist tells us about his love of the ‘Alien’ franchise and how he’s changing his style for the ‘Dead Orbit’ miniseries
Some Dummy Got Charged with a Crime for Trying to Revive 'FHRITP' : It appears 2015’s shitty trend of yelling at female TV personalities just hit Newfoundland.
The Trailblazing NYPD Detective Murdered by the Mafia in Sicily : The "Italian Sherlock Holmes" was actually an American battling the Black Hand, an early Mafia group that terrorized immigrants when cops looked the...
Fashion Freaks Are Losing Their Place in NYC : Astronomical rent and shifting trends are threatening the life of the legendary Allan and Suzi boutique.
'Free Fire' Director Ben Wheatley Thinks the World Is Fucked Right Now : He talked to VICE about why he set his new movie in the 70s and the magic of working with Martin Scorsese.
VICE Talks Weed with Justin Trudeau : Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was at VICE Canada's Toronto office to discuss the government's weed legalization bill at an exclusive live event on April 24th, 2017.
Photos that Show How Our Society Can Break Women : Award-winning photojournalist Marie Hald shares some of her most powerful works and the stories behind them.
LIVE: Trump Offers Remarks at the Holocaust Memorial Museum : The president is set to deliver remarks in DC for the Week of Remembrance at 11:20 AM EST.
People in Toronto May Be Able to Legally Test Their Drugs in the Future : In light of the fentanyl crisis, there’s a call for Health Canada to approve amnesty for those testing drugs.
Garment Factories in Bangladesh Are Trying on Gender Equality for Size : Four years after the collapse of Rana Plaza, the country's thriving ready made garment industry is starting to shine light on more than improved...
Seth Rogen Has a Question for Prime Minister Trudeau About Legalization : Last night, VICE talked weed with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and we got a question via video from special guest, Seth Rogen.
All the Crazy Stuff Happening in Zoos That the Public Doesn't Know About : Monkeys escaping, frozen rat puppet shows and rearing big cats at home: these are zookeepers' weirdest stories.
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