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  We have to ask: what does this mean for Nikolay Goldobin?
  The manager of student engagement, Reba Noel, is rewriting the book on how to break down barriers on campus.
  "He wanted a mariachi band playing Pink Floyd songs for his funeral. It was beautiful."
  Here are three events worth checking out this weekend.
  The school on Great Northern Way has become a metaphor for the entire B.C. economy.
  A panel discussion—Women in the Film Industry: the US, Canada, and Turkey—takes place Sunday (November 17)
  Sister and brother Christie and Matt Mavety, the second generation now at the helm of things, have kept the family vision of elegant and complex...
  At the end of an interview that’s touched on everything from self-acceptance and substance abuse to childhood poverty...
  “At the end of the day, we’re dealing with human resources,” says instructor and volunteer-management expert Milena Santoro.
  Why does everything retro-cool in Vancouver seems to end up on the wrong end of a wrecking ball?
  On a per capita basis, Canada is the most connected country in the world, making it an attractive target for hackers.
  Ecosocialism holds that a green and prosperous future is not compatible with capitalism.
  The goal is to enable people to have an opportunity to express themselves and realize that they’re not alone in the...
  Along with a strong program of shorts and its panel discussion on women in film, there are nine features coming to this year’s jam-packedVancouver Turkish Film...
  From a labour-market perspective, degrees increase income over the course of a person’s life, according to the Conference Board of...
  The piece was initially inspired by Curtis’s own experience of bigotry in supposedly progressive Seattle.
  The celebrated singer makes a convincing case that European art song and the African-American spiritual are soul mates.
  Many factors are still unresolved when it comes to what Lee will do during her three-day stay here.
  The LGBTQ community in the U.S. has had a tense few years under the Trump administration, but Chuck Wilt has chosen to create a work that...
  The neighbourhood spot also makes many in-house pastries.
  Dieter Jaenicke visited Vancouver several times and went out to studios to meet our local creators before he made his selections.
  Global attention to the region plus a strong industry means Turkish cinema is on a hot streak
  The “for us, by us” ethos behind the collaboration demonstrates real flair and depth of feeling.
  Here are some of the artists that will be showing during the event for the first time.
  Heather Craig, Rojia Dadashzadeh, Monica McGarry, and Allison Hardy have fashioned more than 50 puppets out of salvaged materials.
  The tale of Rani Lakshmi Bai deserves to be told more fulsomely than this
  Canadian First Nations Hip-Hop duo Snotty Nose Rez Kids play alongside all-female Toronto rap group The Sororit on the Family Ties Tour.
  Among the hundreds of artists taking part in the massive studio open house, painters make up one of the strongest contingents.
  Electric ferries are more environment friendly compared to conventional diesel vessels.
  Totonto comedian Chris Locke performs at Havana Theatre on November 14
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