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  Canadian cops are going back to high school. Sort of.
  The survey, which also ranks Toronto and Calgary in its top 10, does not look at affordability.
  For patrons in a Browns Socialhouse in Surrey, there was a happy ending on Sunday (August 12) to a frightening situation.
  The covenant had become the focus of controversy in a debate about religious freedom and LGBT rights.
  Pride celebrations continue across the province, including in the Okanagan.
  Those who are proud of Canada's diversity can detect when a politician or his party are not comfortable with the changing demographics of the country.
  Stanley Q. Woodvine didn’t need to see the haze over the North Shore mountains, or the bloodshot sun rising in the east, to know that smoke from one or more of ...
  In LGBT communities, crystal meth has often been the drug of choice for party 'n' play, or PnP, pursuits.
  The new Garlic and Cilantro recently launched its petite, cozy shop on Denman Street.
  The free moving service will help women and children escape domestic violence while ensuring they don't have to leave behind their belongings.
  Grain Vegetarian Fare carries local and organic products.
  B.C. Human Rights Tribunal member Devyn Cousineau denies bias in her handling of a complaint filed by transgender woman Morgane...
  Rainbow crosswalks in B.C. have not been without criticism or resistance and have also been targets of vandalism.
  His particular gift was for happy collaboration, between musicians and between organizations: through his international contacts he sent Vancouver artists out...
  Due to international popularity of the northern lights, Air Canada is increasing flights to Yellowknife.
  The downtown backstreet features a public-art installation that emits light and sound according to visitors' movements.
  Alaksa's North Slope was shaken by the largest-ever recorded earthquake in the region.
  Full market rents will apply to 60 percent of the social housing units at the redeveloped Jewish Community Centre.
  A photo on Forsyth's Instagram account shows Trump Jr. with the line: "4 weeks until sheep season".
  Finance Minister Carole James has forecast a 2.6 percent annual increase in property-transfer taxes over three years, but is that really...
  With nearly 600 wildfires burning across the province, many British Columbians are feeling the effects in their throats.
  The Surrey Community Alliance's Imtiaz Popat says he's confident that enough money can be raised to mount a credible...
  Defenders of the camp say it's needed to alert the wider community to the clearcutting of trees and movement of infrastructure into Kinder...
  Club is looking to renew one old sweater for its 50th anniversary season
  By the time the band reached the stage, cooler temperatures had arrived and some rain had cleared the air.
  A high concentration of E. coli has elevated the risk of gastro-intestinal illness. This pathogen can be a result of...
  In Prince George, an emergency registration centre has opened for those who are being forced to flee their homes in the ...
  According to Abbotsford police, the airport is expected to reopen at 9 p.m.
  A 32-year-old woman in his Toyota Matrix suffered minor injuries.
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