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  The 3.5-tonne artwork being installed under the north viaduct has taken more than three years to design and build
  Proposed cuts to the Vancouver School Board’s (VSB) culinary arts programs, along with a plan to contract out the district’s school-meals programs for low-income...
  Vancouver police have issued a public alert about Brian Abrosimo.
  So-called popcorn lung caused by inflammation and resultant scar tissue.
  The holiday attraction brings on the festive cheer at a new venue this year.
  Christopher Michael Staetter continues to harbor delusional beliefs about the girl.
  Songs For Groovy Children: The Fillmore East Concerts is an eight-LP box set that assembles the debut concerts by Hendrix's...
  Stewart tweeted that he and McKenna "totally agree that transit investment is one of [the] best ways to combat...
  Blues-rock, soul-jazz, fairy-folk, electro-house, bluegrass: take your pick.
  Report to council states that current rate of one percent is doing the job.
  "It is unnerving how much of what is happening around the world today resembles what we now know was...
  The first program of its kind in B.C., the Art Apprenticeship Network is a game-changer.
  By the looks of what’s hitting stages this year, Vancouver is a sometimes traditional, sometimes serene, and sometimes warped place to spend the holidays.
  The RCMP says Sengfeng Zhou was last seen around 1 p.m. on November 20 in the 7000 block of Firbridge Way.
  The VPD has not responded to the claim, according to CBC News.
  Mercury has just ended retrograde but will continue in Scorpio through the first week of December. Mars has just entered Scorpio and will continue in this sign through the start of...
  The multi-talented artist wrote some of the greatest songs to have ever come out of this city
  The Simonsberg mountain farm in Stellenbosch where the winery is located was established in 1715.
  Coach StrobCam (Independent) My favourite song on Coach StrobCam’s debut six-song CD EP is, by far, “The Problem”, which manages to insinuate...
  Bruno Ganz plays the father of psychoanalysis in one of this year's better offerings.
  "Don’t picture me wearing flannel pyjamas while I was making the record. I was wearing a cape.”
  Originally called 17 Bridges, this routine effort got an infrastructure upgrade somewhere along the way.
  A paper published in a recent issue of the Review of Environmental Economics and Policy cites the need for a “more purposeful geoengineering of coastlines”.
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