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: With thousands of homes backing onto 300 kilometres of rear alleys across the city?, laneway rentals could become useful sources of supplementary income for homeowners

: After the war, architect Jan Albarda settled with his family in Toronto, where one of his most breathtaking designs can be seen

: Home in a converted church features Tudor-style timbers up close

: Earlier this year, the Paintbox building at Sackville and Dundas Streets had several suites available for sale, including this two-bedroom corner unit

: In the 1980s, this mid-rise building was designed with only 28 large luxury units, with direct elevator access, an on-site pool and fitness and recreational amenities

: with a citywide lack of listings on the market, the timeline to sell this two-bedroom-plus-solarium suite in an early-1990s building was short

: Shoppers interested in moving into the Pears building on Avenue Road had several suites to chose from in mid-February, but few were as large as this two-bedroom corner unit

: The government continued with their plan of closing down perceived tax loopholes.

: A look at overnight markets and what's ahead this trading day in North America

: Marcus Stroman’s sensational pitching help U.S. beat Puerto Rico 8-0

: Marcus Stroman’s sensational pitching help U.S. beat Puerto Rico 8-0

: Republican leaders hope to pass the bill Thursday, but there were signs late Wednesday nigth that the deadline could be pushed back

: Breaking down the federal budget; four dead in London terror attack

: Ban affects U.S.-bound flights from airports in eight Muslim-majority countries, including Dubai International Airport

: World markets hold their ground in wake of London attacks

: On Thursday, Canada joined Afghanistan, Ireland, Ethiopia and nine others accepted in a second membership round

: Today’s topics include soaring housing prices, sugar, binge drinking and sexual assault, the NDP’s future ...

: Attracting millennials as employees is a challenge, but it’s in executives’ best interests

: Higher fuel costs erode shoppers’ disposable incomes

: World’s biggest wealth manager to impose penalty on customers who park euros with the bank

: Brent crude recovers from Wednesday’s slide below $50 (U.S.)

: The Ford F-150 King Ranch, blinged to the max

: Nobody in Britain had been killed in a terrorist attack between 2005 and 2013, but the years that followed saw a series of low-technology displays of ‘lone wolf’ extremism end that streak,...

: The unemployment rate was at 6.6 per cent as of February, but the single number masks a bunch of disparities

: We cannot look away: Venezeula must take action – free political prisoners, hold fair elections – if it wishes to remain part of the Organization of American States

: Why buy a Benz when you can drop big bucks on a loaded F-150?

: The man who went on a car and gun rampage in the heart of London was once investigated for extremist links, British PM says

: 'We will never waiver in the face of terrorism,' said British PM Theresa May

: Four dead, including attacker, 40 injured

: Four dead, including attacker, 40 injured

: Kris Jardine said his saga of turning a hobby into a fundraiser began last November when he played four different video games for 24 hours
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